▶ SPR – EP1 [限量黑膠]

spr - ep1

廠牌:V I S
定價$565*sold out*

⌾ SPR,德國漢堡地下夜店Golden Püdel駐場DJ Nina Trifft與Tobias Duffner之雙人組合。EP1全長超過半小時,環境電子氛圍晦澀實驗,媲美Blackest Ever Black旗下作品

⌾ Dymo-Stickered唱封,限量300手寫編號140g黑膠LP



SPR embraces Hamburg’s harbour city sorrow in a dank and blood-drained 33 minute debut for vis; a very watch-worthy new label administered by Golden Püdel’s Nina Trifft (veteran of mixes for the likes of Blackest Ever Black’s Krokodilo Tapes and Berceuse Heroique) and Tobias Duffner.

EP1 unveils thee krankiest sequence of post-industrial ambience and rotten rhythms in four glowering parts secreting bilgy drones and keening electro-acoustic strings in effluent flow as grim as Reeperbahn run-off.

You may well have heard these pieces lodged in one of many, lauded mixes by the label’s co-creator, Nina, diffused amidst myriad industrial obscurities and clankenheit atmospheres. And it’s easy to hear why she and Good News would pick this up for their first release.

Mass docks first like something from Mika Vainio’s Kilo, connoting an imposing sense of scale thru super-wide reverbs, distant sonar signals and bone-powdering rhythmic noise before the sludgy concrète dub of Concubine comes ashore to perform its cranky functions.

Flipside, they neatly divert that vibe with Minerva, coursing bittersweet pads and sloshing undercurrent buoyed by churning subs, whilst Quadrant seems to dissolve the remains in a bath of hydrochloric DSP, leaving only cadaverous remains.

Lovers of Blackest Ever Black, Zhark, or Weevil Neighbourhood aesthetics will be in their element here.




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