▶ The Arctic Flow – The Luminous Veil [10吋黑膠附3吋CD唱片組]


音樂家/樂團:The Arctic Flow
四曲EP:The Luminous Veil
類型:dreampop/ indiepop

⌾ 美國南卡羅來納州海濱城市自宅音樂單位 The Arctic Flow (Brian Hancheck化身) 全新四曲唱作,夢幻流行曲質一如The Field Mice纖弱。歌詞善感易愁,數星星的同時又為它們取名字,不小心想到電影神鬼願望裡第二個願望男。即使旋律及鼓機灑滿陽光還是好想賴床,軟男必備盤無誤

⌾ Shoegazer Alive 9年度dream pop專輯第三名


The Arctic Flow is an American Dreampop band from Myrtle Beach, SC. Formed in 2008, The Arctic Flow has remained the solo project of Brian Hancheck who records and produces all of The Arctic Flow’s music in his bedroom studio. Brian played his debut performance as The Arctic Flow at the 2014 New York City Popfest.

After releasing a number of digital singles, EP’s, and and one album on such labels as Holiday Records, Beko, and Club 7, The Arctic Flow released their first CD, As Close To A Kiss As We Will Ever Be, on Little Treasure Records. Brian continued releasing EP’s each year on various labels like Dufflecoat Records, Shiny Happy Records and Box Bedroom Rebels, who released 2014’s Lost Wishes EP, which sold out in 12 hours!

The Arctic Flow’s newest EP, The Luminous Veil, will be released on December 14 on German label Oscarson.

The EP was mastered by Cris Romero of The Royal Landscape Society and Sundae, who also played guitar and keyboards on the EP.




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