▶ Victories at Sea – Everything Forever [限量LP附CD盤]

Victories at Sea - Everything Forever

音樂家/樂團:Victories at Sea
專輯:Everything Forever
廠牌:Static Caravan
定價:限量300黑膠LP附CD$750 *sold out*

Editors欽點接班、各大音媒競相推介,再多說ㄧ句New Order青春無悔不死。Victories at Sea處男作《Everything Forever》籌備兩年,有無受到Mogwai、Factory Floor、Slowdive、The Chameleons上述四團影響其實無所謂。和著安眠藥ㄧ起服用,後龐新浪潮跳舞電子憂鬱悅耳兩相宜,Victories at Sea絕對是英國伯明翰近期最耀眼的新團。


Emerging from the concrete paradise of Birmingham, Victories at Sea fuse a vivacious combination of brutalist electronic hooks, soaring post-punk guitars and dolorous wordplay. After recently being championed by the likes of the NME, The Guardian, Clash Magazine and XFM’s John Kennedy, November 2015 saw the band release their debut album ‘Everything Forever’ on Static Caravan Recordings.

Written over the last two years at an abandoned steel works in Digbeth, and recorded in the damp basement of an old whistle factory in the depths of the city’s industrial Northern quarter, embracing the darker sounds and subjects was inevitable. But with lyrics that often touch on matters of love, loss, and loneliness, this is a record born from a cathartic affection of hope and escapism. It is also a thrillingly taut and danceable journey, the band have toured their disco-noir extensively in the UK and Europe (with the likes of EDITORS and Savages), earning the respect of their fans and contemporaries alike. Their debut EP ‘In Memory Of’ gained the band the attention it deserved, particularly via 6music, and in turn built the perfect foundation for the anticipated album to follow.

They’ve influences that range from Mogwai to Factory Floor, Slowdive, through to The Chameleons, but Victories at Sea are far more than just the sum of their parts, with original, exciting songwriting that never loses its pop sensibilities.

Stand out tracks such as ‘Up’ and ‘Poles Apart’ showcase the band at their most danceable, with big chorus hooks and machine beats that timelessly devour and yet are impossible to forget. As the album builds ten tracks towards it’s crescendo, ‘Sirens’ and ‘Future Gold’ both see Victories at Sea explore more intricate musicianship and atmospheric soundscapes that build through layers of impressive electronics and heavily effected guitars, intent to sonically enthral and make you dance in equal measure this is a record with true multiplicity, depth and heart.

Having already secured themselves a placement as one of this years “ones-to-watch”, Victories at Sea are looking to the future, one that far surpasses that of their humble industrial roots intertwining them within the very city they crave to escape.




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