▶ Airiel – Winks and Kisses [遲來的夢幻瞪鞋經典]

LIFE090_airiel Cover480


專輯:Winks and Kisses
類型:Dreampop / Shoegaze
定價:原廠絕盤貨。3 x 180g彩膠LP套裝$1300*sold out*


Shelflife, in partnership with Clairecords, brings you at long last the vinyl edition of Airiel’s Winks and Kisses. This four EP collection is housed in a deluxe triple gatefold sleeve with three 180 gram LPs, each in a unique color — electric blue, cloudy clear and black — and limited to just 500 copies world-wide. The artwork has been reimagined by Shelflife’s Matthew Edwards, taking a nod to the original EP art, but giving the vinyl edition it’s own unique and modern identity.

Winks and Kisses was originally released in 2003/04 on Clairecords as a series of 4 CD EPs, Frosted, Dizzy, Melted, and Crackled, which were later constructed as a box set with deluxe booklet and slipcase. The EPs were limited to just 750 copies and have been out of print for over 10 years now.

Airiel was formed in 1997 by Jeremy Wrenn, who are known for crafting mesmerizing cascades of guitar-driven noise evocative of the Cocteau Twins and the Pale Saints. Pitchfork have called them “… a sonic spinning of cotton candy," their sound is as sweet as it is transportive and consuming, spiriting the listener away in a blur of aural flux and smash.

Winks and Kisses features some of Airiel’s most beloved songs, such as “In Your Room," “Stratosphere," “Firefly," “Airtight Angels," and “Sharron Apple".

As an added bonus there are three exclusive remixes included on the vinyl — “Firefly (Navigateur RMX)," “Sharon Apple (Jap Jap Vocal Remix)," and “Liquid Paper (Tobias and TMI’s Smooth Like Celine Mix)"





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