▶ Surf Friends – Dreams Are Real [限定卡帶]

Surf Friends - Dreams Are Real

音樂家/樂團:Surf Friends
五曲EP:Dreams Are Real
廠牌:Flying Nun / edils
定價:限定100銀星卡+MP3$250*sold out*

The Clean鐵粉,熱愛衝浪及瞪鞋,還為星戰路克寫了首主題曲。紐西蘭二人組Surf Friends,於Flying Nun(傳奇!)與EDILS Records(小而美獨立!)兩廠旗下,發表全新五曲EP《Dreams Are Real》。

In collaboration with legendary New Zealand label FLYING NUN Records we proudly present a limited edition cassette of Surf Friends latest release ‘Dreams Are Real’.

Surf Friends return with a new EP ‘Dreams Are Real’. Filled with shimmery shoe-gaze guitars and driving grooves, the 5-track EP sees the duo back out of their surf cave with a follow up to their 2013 album Endorphins.

Recorded between the rural setting of the North and an urban setting in Pt Chevalier, earlier this year, Dreams Are Real was then taken to a coastal setting to be produced, mixed and mastered by Mark Howden in Northland, New Zealand. With songs about everything from the surf to Luke Skywalker, Surf Friends yet again cleverly combine sun-kissed melodies, motorik rhythms and roaring sonic fuzz.





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