▶ Basic Rhythm – Raw Trax [限量LP]

basic rhythm raw trax

音樂家/樂團:Basic Rhythm
專輯:Raw Trax
類型:英倫地下跳舞電子(techno/house, grime/FWD)
其他作品:Imaginary Forces – And What? https://goo.gl/usiyUg

⌾ A new project from Anthoney J Hart, also known as Imaginary Forces.

⌾ Killer ‘ardcore ‘nuumutations rooted in mid-late ‘90s/and ‘00s pirate radio strafing the dial between ruffest jungle, garage and grime

⌾ Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy

⌾ RIYL: SND, A Made Up Sound, El B

Anthoney Hart is hardly a newcomer. Cutting his teeth spinning hardcore, jungle and D&B at legendary pirate radio station Rude FM, Hart eventually began producing under the Imaginary Forces moniker, channeling his early influences into noisier, more abstract territory. As Imaginary Forces plumbed the depths of abstraction, Hart was keen to find an outlet for dancefloor material, and that’s where Basic Rhythm comes in.

Hart wanted to reference the hardcore and jungle he grew up obsessing over, but not simply as an exercise in nostalgia. Avoiding breaks altogether, he went back to the samples that littered the genre, reframing them with contemporary rhythms. Raw Trax is not an attempt to recapture the sound of jungle or hardcore, but a new twist on a familiar setting.

This isn’t a dull academic experiment: Basic Rhythm was always intended to be fun to listen to, fun to dance to and fun to mix. Raw Trax delivers in spades.


A1. Raw Trax (Weekend Rush) A2. Raw Basics A3. Prototype A4. Maintain
B1. Your Love B2. Get Dark B3. Feel Me B4. Break It Down (4 Da kru)





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