▶ Skander – Ruin [限定卡帶]


廠牌:Endangered Species
定價$389*sold out*

⌾ New on Vereker’s Endangered Species label

⌾ Printed shell case. Hand-assembled J-card

⌾ Edition of 100 copies!

San Fran’s Skander commits a burnt-out and thistly debut album of power electronics to Vereker’s Endangered Species programme; following their 7” together as Renoir, and his Dirge 12” for mutual mate, Delroy Edwards’ L.A. Club Resource.

As co-owner of the Bay Area’s RS94109 record shop and clearly a fiend of the good sh*t, Skander is immersed in thee most mutant strains of techno/industrial/noise music, and as producer/ selector he’s emerged as one of the contemporary North American scene’s most crucial and uncompromising; operating somewhere between Prurient’s most bitter bouquets, the kerb- crawling sluggishness of M Ax Noi Mach, and even the sorest spots of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s A Year With 13 Moons, with an appreciation of decayed tone and texture recalling Jim Haynes’s work on Helen Scarsdale Agency.

However, there’s something peculiarly unheimlich and unsettling at work in Ruins which distinguishes Skander’s sound, feeling as though he’s grappling with some reel demons between the intro’s cenobite flail and the beautiful but obfuscated resolution of Mend.


A1. Intro/Note To Remains
A2. The Hole
A3. Hate Rising, Attraction Sustaining
A4. Leather Chaser
A5. Death Watcher’s Shroud
A6. Reviver
B1. Remember
B2. Comrade
B3. Barbed Chains
B4. Untitled
B5. Sacrifice
B6. Mend




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