▶ DJ David Coquelin – 100% PRROMO! [限定卡帶]

dj promo!

音樂家/樂團:DJ David Coquelin
mixtape合輯:100% PRROMO!
廠牌:Editions Gravats
定價$389*sold out*

⌾ Low Jack’s Gravats label returns with this hyperactive mixtape from Belgium’s DJ
David Coquelin
⌾ Edition of 100 copies!

Incredible, hyperactive gabber/jungle/radio advert mix/collage from Belgium’s DJ David Coquelin and Lil’ Raver Cloarec – a.k.a. bosses of the PRR! PRR! label – for Low Jack’s Editions Gravats label, arriving hot on the heels of their superb Action Mix of New Beat and early techno (check their soundcloud!).

Strafing a myriad styles from UB40 thru a handful of his own productions as An Ultimate DJ, plus cuts from N.M.O., and Eugene Ward, via stacks of cheeky radio jingles (both real and hyperstitous), stabs and samples of Resident Evil, plus loads of Jungle and Gabba – he’s brilliantly stretching the definition of what constitutes a mixtape.

There’s a momentum, but it’s totally broken up and manic, and not without a sense of humour, dissecting everything into 30 second bursts of activity with an ADD approach to dis-arrangement.

Like the label’s last cassette release from Antinote boss Zaltan, it’s super collectible and hugely enjoyable…we reckon this one’s a big party mixtape = highly recommended!!




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