▶ In The Mouth Of The Wolf – DIAG028 [秒殺透明彩膠]


音樂家/樂團:In The Mouth Of The Wolf
類型:向納粹德國時期的德國反抗組織白玫瑰成員蘇菲·索爾致敬之作(minimal wave noise industrial techno)
定價$589*sold out*

⌾ Ancient Methods and Cindytalk unite as “In The Mouth Of The Wolf” for this new
Diagonal 12”

⌾ Mastered and cut by Matt Colton

⌾ Artwork by Guy Featherstone

⌾ Edition of 500 copies, housed in individually screen-printed sleeves

Two of industrial music’s most insatiable operators, Ancient Methods & Cindytalk, pay homage to the White Rose figurehead, Sophie Scholl – remembered for her role in the passive resistance to the Nazis during WWII – with a passionate and unflinching trio of noise/techno girders for Diagonal.

For those aware of Cindytalk’s illustrious industrial heritage – she has collaborated with everyone from Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil to Revolting Cocks’ Chris Connolly and DJ Scud; this is nothing short of a momentous meeting of epochs, styles and mutual intent. And it’s f**king deadly wi’ it, too.

Need of Angels barrels across the A-side, pinned to the ‘floor by riveting percussion and charging the spirits with thee harshest noise coming on in waves of absolute terror and catharsis.

Flipside, Sleight of Hand disperses that lactic build-up by loosening up and allowing some prime, late ‘80s EBM swing into the mix, resolved against a blizzard of head-long, atonal ferocity. A Search for New Realities shifts their attention again, arching up with a pensive white noise wash pierced by pinging coin drops before unleashing a thunderous torrent of breakbeat techno hearkening back to AM’s finest Ugandan Methods and Cindy’s work for Praxis, but with a thoroughly modern aesthetic.





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