▶ Puce Mary – The Spiral [LP]


音樂家/樂團:Puce Mary
專輯:The Spiral
廠牌:Posh Isolation
定價:LP$800*sold out*

The Spiral’ is Puce Mary’s third LP for Posh Isolation and follows where last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Persona‘ left off. Working more precisely than ever, ‘The Spiral’ binds the listener in a tight web of sharp synthesizers, hammering percussion, obscured vocals, field recordings and blistering noise. Intimidatingly personal, though never allowing the introspection to become aimless, Puce Mary manages to at once honour the history of Industrial music and noise as well as transform it. ‘The Spiral’ is harsh, but the aggression of the compositions never feels unnecessarily overstated or irrelevant.

As the feverish sexuality of ‘The Spiral’ comes into focus as the album’s cornerstone, the exertion of the recording is problematized and turns errant. The vestige of safety in dominance and submission is antagonised as audience and artist take turns being dealt blows. ‘The Spiral’ charts this instability as a perennial tonic in sound. With an already impressive discography and live career, Puce Mary has manifested herself as a key voice in new experimental electronic music. This new album is further proof that she has earned her praise. ‘The Spiral’ is easy to get dragged into but brutally hard to get out of again.


1. The Spiral, 2. Night is a Trap ll, 3. The Temptation to Exist, 4. Enter Into Them, 1. Masks are Aids ll, 2. The Actor, 3. No Memory, 4. Slow Agony of a Dying Orgasm




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