▶ Frankie Cosmos – Next Thing [限定彩膠]

Frankie Cosmos – Next Thing 限定盤:天藍色彩膠LP+唇膏+胸章+圖卡+數位下載

音樂家/樂團:Frankie Cosmos
專輯:Next Thing
定價:LP$800 *sold out*

Dustin Payseur (Beach Fossils) 和Katie Gracia (前Captured Tracks員工) 結婚後,自立獨立音樂品牌Bayonet Records,簽下紐約才女Greta Kline,為其藝名Frankie Cosmos出版第二張專輯《Next Thing》。

先前與男友Aaron Maine (Porches) 合作之EP《Fit Me In》,被Pitchfork選為"Best New Track“。此次新作,DIY創作下的音樂氣息清新,聽了會不由自主地合歌打拍。而以前K Records式的俏皮,Belle and Sebastian失去的純真感,ㄧ下子離我們好近。

Greta Kline’s musical output as Frankie Cosmos exemplifies the generation of musicians born out of online self-releasing. Kline initially built a reputation with her prolific catalog of bedroom recordings and as a performer and advocate of New York’s All Ages DIY scene. The beauty in Kline’s writing does not lie within immense statements and large gestures, but instead can be found in her ability to examine situations and relationships with heartbreaking sincerity.

In 2014 Kline released her first studio album, Zentropy. Within months of its release, Zentropy became one of the most critically acclaimed independent albums of the year and was named New York Magazine’s #1 Pop album of 2014. In 2015 Kline signed to Bayonet Records, immediately releasing an EP where she experimented with writing in an electronic setting.

The EP Fit Me In was well received and garnered a Best New Track from Pitchfork. Kline then began recording her next album appropriately titled, Next Thing. Like Zentropy, Kline approached Next Thing by fleshing out several old home recordings, and by writing half of the album from scratch. Next Thing explores new emotional and instrumental territory for Kline, and is slated for release April 1st on Bayonet Records.


01. Floated In

02. If I Had A Dog

03. Fool

04. Embody

05. Too Dark

06. Tour Good

07. Interlude

08. I’m 20

09. On The Lips

10. Sinister

11. Is It Possible

12. Outside With The Cuties

13. Sappho

14. What If

15. O Dreaded C Town




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