▶ Youth of America – Night of the Comet / Navigator [7”]

youth of america

音樂家/樂團:Youth of America
兩首單曲7″:Night of the Comet / Navigator
類型:West Coast power pop格拉斯哥版
廠牌:The Great Pop Supplement

⌾ Trembling Bells貝斯手Simon Shaw全新唱作組合首發7″,限量400。

⌾ 猶如回到Teenage Fanclub/ Velvet Crush同處Creation Records時期的聲音。

Next single up on the Great Pop Supplement, following super quick sell outs already this year of previous releases from the likes of The Hanging Stars and Dean & Britta, is the debut 45 from Youth of America.

Youth Of America is the new songwriting project of Simon Shaw from Trembling Bells. Featuring all of the Bells, plus singers Lucy Sweet (Lucky Luke) and Sophie Sexon (Big Hogg). It was born out of his love of US West Coast power pop (The Go-Gos, Bangles, Redd Kross etc), and an ongoing obsession with US counterculture films from the same period.

Navigator has been described as “Big Star with gurls" while the flip side Night Of The Comet is a tribute to the 80s zombie cult classic of the same title.

A killer 45 limited to a pressing of 400 with (proudly) no links whatsoever to Record Store Day. Destined to sell out real quick. Get on it!




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