▶ Plastic Flowers – Heavenly [LP/tape]



音樂家/樂團:Plastic Flowers
類型:Dream Pop
廠牌:The Native Sound / Track & Field
定價LP$680 / tape$280  *all完售*

‘HEAVENLY’ 藍色LP彩膠+MP3,限定100。
‘Heavenly’ 透明卡帶,限量150。

希臘青年 George Samaras 兩年前帶著 Plastic Flowers 來到英國北倫敦定居發展,歷經失戀、無法與其它成員繼續合作等壓力瓶頸,決定就自己搞吧,帶來ㄧ人包辦所有演奏及唱作的第二張專輯《Heavenly》。

在他的Dream Pop世界裡,Slowdive、My Bloody Valentine、Spiritualized 等團影響無可避免,重點是揮別從前不成熟的lo-fi,但玩心藏不住,又拿支麥克風錄喵咪的聲音作sample。

《Heavenly》層層堆砌的聲響ㄧ如泰晤士河畔霧氣濃得化不開,雖然慘不過 East River Pipe,但微痛意思到了,足夠撫慰Sarah Records粉的玻璃心。

Plastic Flowers is a Dream Pop band from London, UK, formed in late 2011 by multi-instrumentalist George Samaras. He has recorded two full length studio albums Evergreen (2014) and Heavenly (2016).

After graduating from high school he experimented with drone sounds and worked closely with other musicians, including former band member Angelos Paschalidis. During his college years in Thessaloniki he begun recording under the name Plastic Flowers and quickly released a series of EP’s and singles that received praise for their lo-fi feeling and warmth. The hazy atmosphere created with the heavy use of soft guitars and multilayered synth patterns are some of the main characteristics of Plastic Flowers’ sound.

BBC described his music as “very ethereal soundscapes accompanied by warm vocals" while DIY Magazine labelled him as a “Greek wunderkind musician." After a prolonged period of writing and experimentation, his second full length album entitled “Heavenly" will be released April 22nd, 2016 through The Native Sound. Recordings took place between October and December 2015 in North West London.





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