▶ Brave Radar – Lion Head [LP]


音樂家/樂團:Brave Radar
專輯:Lion Head
類型:DIY, minimal, off-kilter, psyche, pop
廠牌:Fixture Records



DIY pop曲風簡約、暈懶、迷幻,歌詞靈感來自中世紀插畫書本、1930美國動畫、1950政治漫畫。錄製不靠laptop,全張類比化,聲音極具現場感。(Freelove Fenner’s Bottle Garden studio)

曾與 Mac DeMarco 同台,兩團曲風差很多,彼此打量一定要的。


Brave Radar are a Montreal-based band led by Tessa Smith and Conor Prendergast. Since 2008, the pair have been releasing a wealth of quietly remarkable pop music under the name, developing a reputation as one of hidden treasures of the Canadian DIY scene.

Lion Head, their forthcoming LP, is a characteristically sibylline distillation of the sound they have been crafting over their previous releases. Recorded at The Bottle Garden, Freelove Fenner‘s all-analog home studio, the album belies its minimalist approach, weaving a multi-referential tapestry that is centred by a glacial Broadcast-esque restraint, even as it draws in the influence of 60s psychedelia, the film scores of composer Ennio Morricone, and the artier ends of early 80s new wave.

In contrast to Brave Radar’s earlier albums and EPs that were written and multitracked at home, Lion Head highlights contributions from the band’s live members Gabriel Ng and Andrew Forsythe, and several of the album’s songs were recorded live off the floor as a band. Lion Head will be Brave Radar’s first vinyl release, set to come out June 10, 2016 on 12″ vinyl through their own imprint Fixture Records.





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