▶ Proto Idiot – For Dummies [LP]


音樂家/樂團:Proto Idiot
專輯:For Dummies
廠牌:Bad Painting
其他作品:雙專輯卡帶 http://bit.ly/22IkGvt



Proto Idiot are a stupid stomping garage rock three piece from the cosmopolitan garden city of Manchester. They sound like kids in a remedial catch up class trying to cover The Kinks, with a bit of Soft Boys and TV Personalities thrown in for fun. Not content with already being the most successful and famous band in the world ever they’ve gone and recorded a super dooper new LP FOR DUMMIES, which is coming out on Bad Paintings.

Recorded for 20p and a can of spam it is 35 minutes of looney tunes, merry melodies and occasional existential crises. Leading labels like Trouble in Mind, Slovenly and OddBox have put out their past LPs, with the band touring across Europe and the US. The group combines the superstar guitar grooves of Andrew Anderson, the bong-rattling bass lines of Michael Floyd Seal and the tuneful trap tapping of Callum Trent D’Arley. Mastered and made listenable by Mikey Young from Eddy Current Suppression Ring/Total Control, its 13 tracks take in all styles of music from the 60s beat of Idiot Blues to boneheaded boogie-woogie classic If At First You Don’t Succeed Try Failing. Don’t delay – listen to FOR DUMMIES and get stupid today.





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