▶ Ciggie Witch – Classic Connection [LP/CD]

ciggie witch

音樂家/樂團:Ciggie Witch
專輯:Classic Connection
類型:不輸于Stephen Malkmus及Mac DeMarco的墨爾本吉他流行
廠牌:Lost And Lonesome / Osborne Again Music
定價LP$756 // CD$450

團員相關作品:Zone Out http://bit.ly/1UlRG6M



Lost And Lonesome and Osborne Again are proud as punch to announce the release of Classic Connection the new album by Melbourne guitar pop six-piece Ciggie Witch.

Classic Connection follows the release of 2014’s debut album Rock and Roll Juice which was described by Sonic Masala as “rich in existential whimsy, introverted melancholy, yet has an overall love of living life in the moment”.

Ciggie Witch members have also been known to concoct indie pop masterpieces in bands like The Ocean Party and Totally Mild so it’s no surprise Classic Connection — with its woozy lap steel, twinkling keys and dreamy harmonies — is blessed with an infectious carefree swagger.

‘Walking the Tracks’, the third single from the album (following ‘Look of Pain’ and ‘Meet Me in the Middle’) juxtaposes some of Zac Denton’s prevailing personal issues like “Catching the flu from walking in the winter rain” against a guitar lick potent enough to cure any such ailment.

Equipped with multiple songwriters and a healthy DiY production ethic, Ciggie Witch have lost none of their endearing social awkwardness whilst tightening up the sound for album numero duo.





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