▶ Lake Ruth – Actual Entity [LP]

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音樂家/樂團:Lake Ruth
專輯:Actual Entity
廠牌:The Great Pop Supplement



Lake Ruth 來自紐約,三人組成員皆為獨立樂圈資深老將 (The New Lines、Holy Fuck、SAVAK、Enon、The Eighteenth Day of May、The Silver Abduction)。年初首7″面世 (“The Inconsolable Jean-Claude” / “The Prisoner’s Dilemma“),Broadcast 式巴洛克迷幻流行讓鐵粉驚為天人秒殺買單,為 The Great Pop Supplement 創下快速斷版記錄。

首張專輯《Actual Entity》之名引用 Alfred North Whitehead「歷程哲學」。混雜巴洛克流行、迷幻、德國kraut/motorik、爵士及電子等元素,多層次曲風氛圍猶如重返1960時代,餘韻牽絲義大利電影配樂及英國民謠甚至後C86神曲。


“It’s songs are populated with a collection of marginal characters – the dispossessed, the isolated and the dead. An artificial intelligence losing its mind during an endless winter. A necromancer unable to raise the dead. The revolt of nature against industrialism. The ghost of a vengeful mother forever hunting down her daughter’s murderer. A Victorian physician desperate to save a dying community.”


“Crystalline, baroque psych…it really is a lovely twist of paisley pop.” — Brooklyn Vegan

“Splices together lattices of salacious Histoire de Melody Nelson-style funk and Broadcast’s retro space-pop, over which Brice’s airy Sarah Cracknell meets Kate Bush tones, glide with a calming confidence… insistent drums, fuzz-tone guitar and luxuriant keyboards. Imagine Stereolab cutting some rug in an almost baroque fashion.” — Delusions of Adequacy

“One of the finest outings to have appeared in recent times on the illustrious GPS imprint… simply exquisite.” — The Sunday Experience

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