▶ Cured Pink – Live in the City that Produced MU’s Motion In Tune LP of 1981 [tape]


音樂家/樂團:Cured Pink
專輯:Live in the City that Produced MU’s Motion In Tune LP of 1981
廠牌:A Guide To Saints
其他作品:As A Four Piece Band, LP http://wp.me/p2u16k-5G5



Cured Pink are one of Brisbane’s finest exports. A firm gripped, grenade of sound.

Once the solo exhibitionism of Andrew McLellan (Soft Power, Greg Boring, Enderie Nuatal, one-time Kitchen’s Floor) over Earth’s last couple of orbits Brisbane’s Cured Pink changed pipes to make “strangeness that you’ll have to hear a few times before boxing into genre." (Dusted Magazine, 2016) With the limbs of Glen Schenau (Per Purpose, Sky Needle), Mitchell Perkins (Per Purpose, Psy Ants) and Stuart Busby (the Deadnotes, Threads), the group’s output resembles “a Rube Goldberg machine, primitive industrial vibes of the won- drous kind” (Terminal Boredom, 2013). This strand of thinking appears on their debut LP ‘As A Four Piece Band‘, released by Sydney’s RIP Society (2015). It followed the 12″ single ’11 Put Aside’ on Berlin’s Another Dark Age that placed #85 on Bookmat.com’s 2014 singles chart and sounded “quite unlike anyone else right now” (2014). These followed “sizzled and bandy- legged grooves" on Black Petal (2013) and Vacant Valley (2011), in addition to numerous self-released tapes and cassettes on Redundancy (2012) and Sabbatical (2010). In 2012 the group released a recording of their arrest on the grounds of Brisbane’s liquidated Seven Hills TAFE.

The project toured Europe with F ingers in 2015 with appearances at London’s Cafe Oto, Berlin’s NK Projects, Lisbon’s ZDB and Antwerp’s Het Bos (co-presented by KRAAK and Sound In Motion). Cured Pink has appeared at Vivid Live (2014, Sydney Opera House), Liquid Architec- ture (2014), Overground at Melbourne International Jazz Festival (2011), Sydney’s FBi’s Ears Have Ears Presents and Sound Summit festival (2013), Room40’s MONO series supporting Merzbow (2012), Adelaide’s Lost City festival (2012), Jogjakarta’s Jogja National Museum (2011), Sydney’s Serial Space and Dirty Shirlows (2011), amongst numerous outings with Mel- bourne’s Sabbatical and Vacant Valley records.





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