▶ Night Flowers – Glow In the Dark [7″]

音樂家/樂團:Night Flowers
單曲:Glow In The Dark
類型:永遠45轉的Indie Pop / Dream Pop
廠牌:Dirty Bingo



“Night Flowers’ gifts for harmony, and their rich, pastel sound seem primed to make this kind of rainy-day pop.” – The Line Of Best Fit

“The jingle jangle of the 80′s pop bangle mixed up with early nineties shoegaze.”
– BEAT Magazine

“Night Flowers stand out from their modern peers merely because they’re the rare band that sounds like they want to do just that.” – Pitchfork

“glimmering guitar music that manages to be bright and poppy without giving up its melancholic mood.” – Stereogum


It has been a whirlwind couple of years for transatlantic indie-pop quintet Night Flowers since these close friends from North England collided with Boston, Massachusetts born vocalist Sophia Pettit in London and began forming their irresistible brand of heart stirring, romantic pop.

Night Flowers have just finished up their first tour dates in Germany and Japan, to great aclaim and have now released this single, ‘Glow in the Dark’. The single is available on a limited run of 300 glow in the dark 7″ vinyl.

Night Flowers are currently working on their debut album. The album’s four parts of lyrical songs, instrumentals and interludes reflect the beauty, horror, mundanity, wrong turns and tiny delights of life and the ongoing struggle to make sense of it all.




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