▶ The Submissives – 紅色黃色兩張專輯卡帶

音樂家/樂團:The Submissives
專輯:Do You Really Love Me? (2016) / Betty Told Me (2015)
類型:lovesick blues, outsider pop, early rock n roll, subversive girl groups



The Submissives is a new recording project of prolific Montreal bedroom producer Deb Edison who writes and records warped lovesick pop tunes using a 4-track tape deck. The Submissives perform live as a six-piece band made up of mostly non-musicians. Since forming under Deb’s direction in early 2016, The Submissives have built a cult local following with their ritualistic performances in Montreal basements, lofts, and dive bars. Their live shows often involve coordinated monochrome outfits, hand-painted backdrops, ornate flower arrangements, and candid monologue recitations.

Do You Really Love Me? is a new collection of 15 songs by The Submissives, coming out September 9th, 2016 on limited-edition cassette & digital download via Fixture Records.

RIYL: The Shaggs, The GTOs, Lee Hazlewood, The Tammys, Joe Meek


All music written, recorded, and produced by Deb Edison.

Do You Really Love Me? (2016) 曲目 & 主打

1. Do You Really Love Me? (2:40)
2. Friend Named Betty (1:10)
3. Just Tell Me (1:46)
4. My Boyfriend (2:35)
5. Listen To Them (2:37)
6. Perfect Woman (1:24)
7. Forces (2:57)

8. This Hum (1:58)
9. Maybe Someday (2:10)
10. Dream Life (1:06)
11. Boys, Boys, Boys (2:30)
12. Secret (1:16)
13. My Guitar (2:18)
14. Tell Me Why (2:30)
15. Wasn’t Long Ago (1:16)

Betty Told Me (2015) 全聽




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