▶ Yves De Mey – Late-Night Patching 1 [LP]


音樂家/樂團:Yves De Mey
專輯:Late-Night Patching 1

比利時模組化合成器聲響設計家 Yves De Mey 實驗rave最新作

Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

Belgium’s Yves De Mey strikes clean and sharp with four modular rave prongs for Entr’acte leading a jagged dance after his recent 2nd album, Drawn With Shadow Pens for Spectrum Spools.

In De Mey’s own words: “Late-Night Patching is the result of a short test phase with modular software, mimicking traditional synth modules. A very basic 8-step sequencer setup was patched and used to its full extent for all these tracks. There’s something nostalgic about this EP, and not only in its recreation of vintage instruments. All four tracks allude to a rave past, a history of repetitive and nervous patterns brought together in simple structures. And for some of us, it’s the sound of staying home while others roam the streets at night.”

It stalks a fine line down the alleys of your mind, extruding gritted monotone rhythms until they evaporate fizzing metallic contrails, or knotting sticky electro patterns into recursive calligraphy on the A-side, and running the dancehall/living room red with hunched, bogling grooves in the B-side pair of atonal stings.

1. Eight Steps Of Karplus
2. White Noise Spring
3. And Now The Movie




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