▶ Tears Run Rings – In Surges [LP]


音樂家/樂團:Tears Run Rings
彩膠專輯:In Surges
廠牌:Deep Space Recordings

🔹美西瞪鞋代表。首張專輯歌曲"Mind The Wires",收錄於《神秘肌膚》導演葛瑞格荒木《Kaboom》(2010)電影原聲帶
🔹無需像Slowdive走環境電子氛圍的路線。第三張專輯《In Surges》費時6年完成,ㄧ切瞪得那麼冰那麼美



Tears Run Rings is a West Coast shoegaze/dreampop band, with members living in Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. This is their third full-length, and second for Deep Space Recordings, with ‘Distance’ having been released in 2010. Other releases include ‘A Question and an Answer EP’ (2007), and ‘Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never’ (2008).

‘In Surges’ has been six years in the making. Over that time span, the band met up on several occasions to write, record, and mix the album together, in between starting families and recording separately. Full of lush guitars, haunting melodies, and layered, shimmering vocals, the album picks up right where ‘Distance’ left off.

For fans of: Moose, Pale Saints, Blind Mr. Jones, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins


1. Happiness 6
2. Belly Up
3. Things Have Changed
4. Part of the Glass
5. Green Lakes
6. Broken
7. Destroyer
8. Something You Can’t Hide
9. Sine Wave Sleep
10. Happiness 7




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