▶ The New Lines – Love and Cannibalism [絕版LP]

音樂家/樂團:The New Lines
專輯:Love and Cannibalism
廠牌:Feral Child


FC03 THE NEW LINES “Love and Cannibalism” LP (Pressing of 300 on Feral Child Recordings)

Feral Child is an on / off label that arose from the burning embers of an English ‘boutique’ label that closed it’s doors in 2016. It’s first release was an “unofficial” reissue of a 60’s French Girl / Psych Pop 45 released in 2009. It’s Discogs listing claims that “we may see 3 x 45s in one month then go 3 years without hearing from them again”; so, enigmatic they may be, but they have unleashed a killer of an LP for us to enjoy here, god bless ‘em.

NYC Psych / baroque pop group The New Lines find their influences in the 1960s and 70s, spanning library music, psych folk and paisley pop. Their latest volley, “Love and Cannibalism“, was conceived of as a series of vignettes concerning a child mourning the death of a companion; the child’s fantasy about reviving the dead; and a series of hallucinogenic visions on religious strife and the order of the universe resulting from the child’s nascent forays into the occult.

The album combines the alien and peculiar with the familiar and approachable, pairing hospital room-esque machine pulses with jazz-infused electric piano and drums (The Phylactery’s Lesson); or stark sequencer arpeggios with acoustic guitar (Mass Observation).

The New Lines are Hewson Chen (vocals, guitar, synth), Rene Dennis (organ, electric piano), Mark Di Donna (bass), Matt Schulz (drums) and Davis White (drums).

The LP (cat: FC03) will be available from the label Feral Child in a limited edition pressing of 300 late November and will also be available for streaming and download via all major digital distributors.

“...brings to mind fellow Brooklynites Crystal Stilts on some sort of whirling fairground trip" –


The New Lines… induce a feeling of paranoid confusion between reality and fantasy" –






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