▶ King Dude & Drab Majesty – Who Taught You How To Love [萬聖節限定發行7″]

音樂家/樂團:King Dude & Drab Majesty
2首單曲:Who Taught You How To Love
廠牌:Dais Records

🔹Darb Majesty 專輯(LP) http://wp.me/p2u16k-5t2
🔹King Dude 專輯(CD) http://wp.me/p2u16k-1PM

Dais Records is pleased to release this first collaboration single between two long standing allies of the label, King Dude and Drab Majesty.

“Who Taught You How To Love" marks the first lyrical/musical split task collaboration between the vocals of TJ Cowgill (King Dude) and the instrumental composition of Deb Demure (Drab Majesty). While on tour in the Fall of 2015, TJ Cowgill expressed to Deb that he’d been ruminating on a song about the return of a past love who wields a new affectation of confidence and yet the cause of this new influence is unknown. Inspired by this motif, Deb constructed an instrumental that thematically rises and falls with Cowgill’s intimate to expansive vocal delivery. The visually emotive lyrical and musical interplay take the listener on a narrative arc that spans just about 5 1/2 minutes.

The B-side “Only A Mime", an acoustic song written by Deb Demure assumes the identity of a lover’s critical gaze cast upon Demure. The metaphor of the mime is used to call into question the validity of ones words (or lack thereof) versus physical actions. On this track, Deb is backed by Cowgill’s signature guttural vocal styling on the chorus refrains.




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