▶ Hideous Towns – Disquiet Living [LP]

音樂家/樂團:Hideous Towns
專輯:Disquiet Living
廠牌:Lost And Lonesome


三年前的冬天,聽見 Hideous Towns 首張同名EP,就愛上了。

當時墨爾本簡直成了瞪鞋搖滾重生巢穴,ㄧ支支蹦出消化好忙:Lowtide、VHS Dream、Miniatures、Contrast、ParadingFlyying Colours 等等等還有很多,其中 Hideous Towns 最遲接觸,印象卻最深,或許因為聽樂團主唱/低音/鼓,使人深浸在「就這樣死去吧好愛」的狀態,那感覺是 Cocteau Twins、The Cure、The Sundays 的粉都懂,而瞪鞋吉他部分不膩人,又帶有Indiepop式的清新感,所以其後落腳在 Lost And Lonesome 旗下正式發片,知道是ㄧ間適合他們歸宿的家(廠牌),超開心的。

三年後的冬天,第一張專輯《Disquiet Living》問世,製作由墨爾本知名瞪鞋客 VHS Dream 主音吉他手 Matthew Hosking 擔綱。專輯歌詞荒誕超現實有些難懂,好比 “Lion" 有「土星環上有隻獅子在休憩」、"Coincidents" 有 Nick Drake 捎來的隱密訊息、"Jacques-Louis David" 是影射法國新古典主義畫家賈克-路易 大衛?此外,Hideous Towns 的吉他,不美美彈Dream Pop,硬要耍酷飆快裝吵,不禁想起80年代那群蘇格蘭或紐西蘭出產的後龐客,也是這般玩飄飄的,哎,愛團都嘛ㄧ個德性,愛。

當樂團臉書宣告《Disquiet Living》是原裝四人組最終作品的噩耗傳來,頓時陷入「哀痛到想死」的狀態。心情超壞,寫這篇前整個很想拿「氣壓慘不過 Echo & the Bunnymen」、「吉他正不過 Johnny Marr」等形容,給他們無情負5星。但尾曲 “Natural Expression" 歌詞 “we used to grow together, but now we’ve grown apart",瞪鞋音浪猛襲衝來,淚噴嗆到完全沒法救,想到同期相似曲風樂團 Desperate JournalistsMakthaverskan、Wildhoney 從此少掉ㄧ名戰友,內心仍是不捨。


Following a string of EPs and singles, Melbourne quartet Hideous Towns finally polish up the good silver for the release of their debut album Disquiet Living.

With their winning combination of chiming gazed-out guitars, dynamic female vocals and buoyant, no-frills drum propulsion, Hideous Towns have nonchalantly secured a stronghold on the world’s tuned-in dream-pop fans.

First taste of the album came earlier this year in the form of double-single ‘Don’t Forget / Wake Us’ which picked up some solid community radio support and even had Dom Alessio saying “It feels like music from the shadowy corner of a forest” — Cure pun duly noted.

On Disquiet Living, with producer Matthew Hosking at the helm, Hideous Towns succeed in taking their enviable pop smarts to places hitherto unexplored by the band, from the spirited new-wave of ‘Jacques-Louis David’ and the motorik kraut-pop of ‘Lion’ to the expansive, wistful album closer ‘Natural Expression’.

On latest single ‘Value’, Alana West’s urgent, powerful vocal bursts forth beyond the entangled post-punk rhythm section and further into the listener’s personal space than usual, her direct delivery contrasted by some of her most abstract lyrics to date.

West explores the idea of balance in her life as she attempts to achieve a state of grace, within her own inner world and in the world around her, sagely examining the innate equality of those she encounters in all walks of life.

Alana West — vocals
Chris MacLean — guitar
Ryan De Coite — bass
Ashley Stirling — drums

Recorded and mixed by Matthew Hosking
Mastered by Mikey Young




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