CD 唱片區


破地獄 Scattered Purgatory / 山險峻 Sua-Hiam-Zun

alpaca sports when you need

Temples – Volcano [CD]

alice b sa unga

Alice b – Så unga [LP/CD]


Hintermass – The Apple Tree [LP//CD]

day ravies liminal zones

Day Ravies – Liminal Zones [彩膠LP/CD]

Nite Fields - Depersonalisation

Nite Fields – Depersonalisation [LP/CD附贈台北專場海報]

xenia kriisin hymn 2lp

Xenia Kriisin – ‘Hymn’ CD (Luxury Records)

trick mammoth lp cover

Trick Mammoth – ‘Floristry’ LP/CD (Fishrider Records / Occultation)

keira is you last row needs heroes

Keira Is You – ‘Last Row Needs Heroes’ CD (Edils Recordings)

soft arrows cd:tape

Soft Arrows – ‘Overlapping Lives’ (Edils Recordings) CD / tape

soft metals lenses lp

Soft Metals – ‘Lenses’ (Captured Tracks) CD

(Sale) The Garlands – The Garlands (Shelflife)

Terror Bird All This Time

(Sale) Terror Bird – ‘All This Time’ (Night School Records)

sun glitters cosmic oceans

(Sale) Sun Glitters feat. Steffaloo – ‘Cosmic Oceans’ LP/CD (LebensStrasse Records)

king dude burning daylight cd

King Dude – ‘Burning Daylight’ CD (Dais Records) $335


Vinyl Williams – ‘Lemniscate’ (Salonislam / No Pain In Pop Records) LP $749 / CD $465

Wax Idols lp cover

(Sale) Wax Idols – ‘Discipline & Desire’ (Slumberland Records)

Girls Names The New Life lp

Girls Names – ‘The New Life’ (Slumberland Records) LP CD $425

veronica falls waiting for something to happen

Veronica Falls ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’ (Slumberland Records)

Brown Brogues

(Sale) Brown Brogues – ‘Born To Lose’ (Ultra Cool)

Golden Grrrls

Golden Grrrls – ‘Golden Grrrls’ (Night School Records) LP $655 / CD $449

Tropical Popsicle Dawn Of Delight

Tropical Popsicle – ‘Dawn Of Delight’ (Talitres Records) LP $695 / CD $475

breathe out absolute true love

Breathe Out – ‘Absolute True Love’ (Art Is Hard Records) CDEP $305

breathe out

Breathe Out – ‘Breathe Out’ (Art Is Hard Records) CD EP $205

Flamingods – ‘Sun’ (Art Is Hard Records) LP $665/ CD $425

Widowspeak Almanac

Widowspeak – ‘Almanac’ CD $445

Forest Swords – ‘Dagger Paths’ (No Pain In Pop)

Nite Jewel – Good Evening (No Pain In Pop) CD $425

(Sale) Cold Pumas – Persistent Malaise (Faux Discx / Gringo Records / Italian Beach Babes)

Bart and Friends – It’s Not the Words That You Say (Shelflife Records) CDEP $335

Balloon Magic – Morning EP (Shelflife Records) CDEP $265

Thieves Like Us – Play Music (Shelflife Records) CD $375

The Soft Moon – Zeros (Captured Tracks) LP $535 / CD $425

(Sale) Chris Cohen – Overgrown Path (Captured Tracks)

(Sale) Ike Yard – Ike Yard reissue (Desire Records)

Crossover Gloom

(Sale) Crossover – Gloom (Desire Records)


(Sale) Rayographs – Rayographs (Desire Records)

Group Rhoda – ‘Out Of Time, Out Of Touch’ (Night School) LP $695 / CD $455

This Many Boyfriends – This Many Boyfriends (Angular) CD $455

Minotaur Shock – Orchard (Melodic Records)

The Longcut – Open Hearts (Melodic Records)

Slow Magic – ▲ (LebensStrasse Records) CD $445

(Sale) Maria Minerva – ‘Will Happiness Find Me’ LP/CD(Not Not Fun)

(Sale) Holy Balm – It’s You (Not Not Fun)

Dylan Ettinger – Lifetime of Romance (Not Not Fun) CD $295

Fort Romeau – Kingdoms (100% SILK) CD $385

Mi Ami – Decade (100% Silk) CD $385

Cymbals – Sideways, Sometimes (Tough Love Records) CD $285

Ikons – Life Rhythm (Service Records) CD $395

(Sale) Ikons – Ikons (Service Records)

(Sale) Lake Heartbeat – Trust In Numbers (Service Records)

KOOL DJ DUST – The Disco Opera (Service Records) CD $355

Allo Darlin’ – Europe (Fortuna Pop! / Slumberland Records) CD $399

Evans The Death – Evans The Death (Fortuna Pop! / Slumberland Records) CD $399


Frankie Rose – ‘Interstellar’ LP $549 / CD $399


Terry Malts – ‘Killing Time’ LP $485 / CD $399

Sea Lions – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About … (Slumberland Records) CD $405/LP $485

(Sale) Rangers – Pan Am Stories (Not Not Fun)

(Sale) Franke – Optimismens Han (Service Records)

Project:Komakino – The Struggle For Utopia (Parlour Records/Desire Records) CD $395/ LP $615



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